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What Is a Celebration of Life Event?

With more people choosing cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN, celebration of life events are also becoming more popular and widely known. While this is a not as common of a choice as a traditional memorial service, many families are opting for this more celebratory service for their loved one. If you are curious about this type of celebration or what sets it apart for other services, keep reading.

What is a Celebration of Life Event?

As the name suggests, a celebration of life event, is just that; a celebration. It is a fun, joyous, uplifting event that celebrates the deceased’s life. You will find guests visiting with one another and sharing memories and favorite stories about the deceased.

Unlike a more traditional memorial service that has a quiet, solemn atmosphere, celebration of life events may be loud and boisterous. You will see people smiling and probably hear laughter. It is a more festive environment of remembrance.

When Are Celebration of Life Events Held?

Just as with memorial services, celebration of life events are held after the cremation of the body. Exactly when the event is held is entirely up to the family. Some families may wish to hold it soon after while others may wait weeks, a month, or even longer. With more time to plan the event, it allows for more flexibility and the ability to truly arrange the perfect celebration.

Where are Celebration of Life Events Held?

The wonderful thing about these events is that they can be held in any location the family wishes. Since these events are a little more unconventional they do not have to confirm with any “social norms” as other types of services typically do.

With this freedom, you can find these events being held in not only funeral homes and churches, but also in parks, campgrounds, restaurants, sports bars, sports stadiums, golf courses, and more.

Is There a Format to Follow?

While you may find some celebration of life events having elements from other services such as a welcome/introduction, reading or poems, eulogies given, or more, there is no specific format to follow. This means families can include what they want and leave out what they don’t. It also means that families may choose to have no format at all and have the event feel more like a full blown party. Or it may be a mix between the two.

Final Thoughts

While some families may prefer a more traditional memorial service, celebration of life events appeal to many families as well. This type of service is becoming more popular as people are appreciating another way to honor and remember their loved one. With these events beingCremation services in Rolling Prairie IN more joyful they can provide a much needed happier and therapeutic way to remember and pay tribute to your loved one.

If you would like more information about these events or cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN, feel free to give us a call or come by and visit with our caring and knowledgeable staff anytime for your pre-arrangement need.