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Making a Memorial Garden Special With Upcycled Items

Many people decide to create tributes to their loved one after their cremation services in Michigan City, IN. One very popular choice is by creating a memorial garden. This is typically a garden that contains many of the deceased’s favorite flowers or plants, or a garden that is simply in honor of the loved one. If you are thinking about creating a memorial garden for your loved one and would like to make it extra special, why not upcycle some of their old items to add into the space?

If you haven’t heard of “upcycling”, it simply means taking an old item and transforming it into something new…giving it a new purpose. For example, you could take the fabric from an old t-shirt and make a new throw pillow from it. Using this idea, let’s look at some ways you can repurpose some of your loved one’s items and use them in their memorial garden.

Create Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are such a wonderful addition to any outside space. And making them from your loved one’s old items couldn’t be easier. You could use things like:

  • Old silverware
  • Their tools
  • Flowers pots
  • Tea cups
  • Bike gears
  • Keys
  • Wine bottle

The options are endless! To learn how to make the chimes simply do a YouTube search and you will find a number of DIY videos showing you exactly how to make them.

Turn Rugs Into Tapestries

Although you may not think of rugs in a garden, they can be a beautiful addition to a wall or fence when used as a tapestry decoration. Using one of your loved one’s rugs in this way can really set the whole look and feel of the space and make it very personal to their style.

Make Throw Pillows

If you have chairs or a seating area in the garden, why not create some throw pillows using your loved one’s old clothes? You could use t-shirts, or fabric from other items such as jeans or dresses. There are many online tutorials that show options to make these pillow by sewing them as well as gluing or folding them in case you don’t know how to sew.

Create a Garden Planter

Creating a planter from your loved one’s old items is a lovely way to incorporate their items into the space. One way to do this is using their old bicycle. By following online instructions, you can transform this bicycle into a planter. You can also make a planter out of their old furniture such as their nightstand or dresser.

Final Thoughts

With upcycling being such a big trend right now, you can find a video on how to turn just aboutCremation service in Michigan City IN anything into something else. While we covered some ideas, this is by no means, anywhere close to all of them. Simply preform a search for “upcycle items for garden” or something similar and you will see pages of ideas and tutorials.

Using your loved one’s old items in this way will add that special extra touch to their memorial garden after their cremation services in Michigan City, IN, see our merchandise. We are here to care.