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Tips to Planning a Viewing or Wake

When you discuss arrangements with funeral homes in Michigan City, IN, regarding your loved one’s passing, you may be asked if you would like to hold a viewing or wake.

These activities have been performed in various cultures around the world and can be dated back thousands of years. However, if you are not familiar with these rituals, you may be unsure if one is right for you and your family.

Knowing what these events are, the difference and similarities between them, as well a what is involved in having one can help you make an informed decision.

What is a Viewing and a Wake?.

The terms “viewing” and “wake” are often interchangeable and are, for the most part, very similar events. The main difference is that a wake tends to be more religious and be filled with more prayer and readings of religious scriptures.

In both a viewing and wake, the deceased is present in the casket. The casket is normally open although can be closed.

This event is used as a time to support and gather around loved ones, and to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased.

When Does the Viewing Take Place?

A viewing or wake typically takes place just before the funeral and burial or cremation. While this is the normal time, a viewing could also last for three days prior to these events. An advantage of holding the event immediately before the burial or cremation is that it allows a chance for more friends and family members who may live far away to be present.

Where is the Viewing Held?

Where the viewing is held is a personal choice. Many people choose to have it at the funeral home while others may select an event hall at a church, or the home of the family.

How to Announce the Viewing

Informing friends and distance family of the viewing can be done by including the information in the obituary. Remember that this obituary will be published in the local newspaper, so the viewing information will be public.

If you would like to have a smaller, more private announcement, personal funeral invitations are a nice choice. Whichever you decide, just be sure to add all the necessary information such as the location, date, and time.

Other Considerations

When planning the viewing, there are a few other things you may wish to consider. One is the serving of refreshments. Many times, you will find light finger foods and punch or other drinks offered at viewings. Another thing to think about is who will be attending the viewing? Will this be a private family-only viewing or open to the public?

funeral home in Michigan City, INWhile holding a viewing helps in the grieving process and is such a nice way to gather with loved ones and honor the deceased, it can feel overwhelming. Talking with funeral homes in Michigan City, IN can help you feel more at ease. Contact Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center and let their experienced staff help you. Call and talk with a funeral director one-on-one about the viewing and let them answer any questions or concerns you may have.