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Tips for Your Glass Urn

With more families choosing cremation services in South Bend, IN., there are more people keeping cremation urns in their home. Although there are several materials these urns can be made from, a popular option is the glass urn. This may be because these urns come in a variety of beautiful colors and designs and can add to the aesthetic of any room. If you are choosing a glass urn for your loved one’s remains, here are some tips for the placement, design, and cleaning of your urn.

Where to Place Your Glass Urn

The first thing to decide is what room or area of your home you would like to display your glass urn. Some people may choose to display the urn where guests can see it when visiting and yet other families might rather have the urn in a more private area or room. There is no right or worn here as this is just a personal preference.

Once you have the room selected, you want to make sure the urn is placed on a shelf or other spot that is secure and out of the way of things like pets or children. Since this is glass, it is obviously very delicate and needs to be kept away from busy, high-traffic areas.

Design of the Urn and Home Décor

With glass urns being available in so many colors, shapes and designs, there is an urn to match or compliment just about any home décor. Look at the room and space the urn will be placed and opt for something that will look cohesive with that space. It doesn’t have to match exactly, but by working to have it compliment at least the style of the room can help it not look odd and completely out of place.

Create a Memorial Space with Your Glass Urn

If you would like to make more of a statement with your glass urn, consider creating a memorial space around it. This could include adding trinkets such as awards or medals, favorite photographs, or other special items on the shelf or space around the urn.

How to Clean Your Glass Urn

Keeping your glass urn looking like new is easy. To dust it, simply use a soft dry cloth and wipe the urn off. Depending on your household you may need to do this once or twice a week, or just a couple of times per month. To get a deeper clean, you can use an all-natural glass cleaner and soft cloth. You can also use water to clean the urn, but because water can cause staining, always make sure you wipe the urn completely dry with a soft dry cloth.

Final Thoughtscremation service in South Bend IN

Keeping your loved one close to you after their cremation services in South Bend, IN., can bring a sense of comfort and peace. Glass urns are a lovely way to do this since they also add an elegance and beauty to any space. Making sure your glass urn is in a secure, out of the way spot, and cleaning it regularly and properly will ensure your urn lasts for years to come. Visit our location now or check our services.