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The Golden Rules of Attending a Memorial

When a loved one has cremation services in Michigan City, IN, rather than a traditional burial, you might be unsure of the best way to pay your respects. A memorial service is a wonderful way for those left behind to honor the memory of the deceased.

It is an opportunity for friends and family members to gather together and remember the one who is no longer with them. While attending a memorial event can be an emotional experience, it can also be uplifting and comforting, especially with these tips on how to act at one:

Be kind to yourself and other attendees.

It’s natural to mourn the loss of a loved one, but it’s also important to remember that everyone is grieving in their own way. Some people may be very emotional and teary-eyed, while others may not be as visibly upset. Being understanding of this will help you to be more supportive of those around you.

Consider your outfit when attending a memorial service.

If there is no dress code for the event, it’s always better to err on the side of caution by dressing conservatively and respectfully. Avoid wearing colors that may seem too bright or distracting for the occasion unless it’s the host family’s choice.

Arrive on time for the service.

You don’t want to disrupt the proceedings and inadvertently offend others present by arriving after everyone has already settled into the event.

Refrain from using your cell phone at a memorial service.

Out of respect for the deceased, do your best to stay off your phone for the duration of the service, regardless of where you are seated. If you must use it, try to keep it quiet and under the radar.

Be respectful of any religious or cultural practices, even if unfamiliar.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself at a funeral or memorial service with practices you can’t relate to. When this happens during the service, go along if you can. If you are unable to, find a quiet place to sit and observe those around you who are. It might help to sit with people you know at the memorial service.

Offer your condolences.

After the memorial service, offer your condolences to those around you who are close to the deceased person. Depending on what is considered acceptable in your situation, you may go with a memorial gift with an adjoining condolence note for added impact.

Avoid giving unsolicited advice to those grieving.

When it comes to grief, there is such a thing as saying the wrong things, even if you have the best intentions. If you are unsure what to say when offering condolences, consider keeping it simple.

Don’t say things like, “they will find someone else someday,” or anything that implies the deceased is replaceable. Everyone dealing with grief needs time to heal and adjust to their new reality on their own.

Participate when required.

Many memorial services have activities attendees are encouraged to partake in. It could be signing the guestbook or bringing a keepsake item you identify with the deceased. Even if it doesn’t all make sense to you, if it offers some solace to the grieving parties, consider joining in.

Accept the condolences of others graciously. Don’t brush off a sincere gesture of comfort, even if you aren’t open to being comforted (yet).

Share your feelings.

cremation services in Michigan City INFinally, if you are grieving yourself, know that it’s okay to share your feelings with others who are also in pain. Many people may be happy to talk with you about their own experiences of the loss or just be thankful to have someone who gets it. You can all use the support of one another to get through this challenging period.

Our Michigan City, IN, cremation service caters to your needs, whether you are attending or organizing a service with us. We’re happy to help improve your memorial experience however we can. Call or visit us now. to learn more about funeral etiquettes.