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Service Options Before Cremation

When most people think of the cremation process, they may envision what is known as “direct cremation”. This process is simple with no services held before the body being is cremated and the remains being given to the family. While this is one option of cremation services in Michigan City, IN., it is not the only option. If you are preplanning your cremation or making arrangements for a loved one, you might be surprised to find out you can hold services before the cremation just as you can with a burial.

These services include visitations, viewings and funeral services. We are going to look at what each of these events are and how they work with cremation to help you decide which, if any, you would like to hold.

Visitations and Viewings

These services are all very similar with only one difference. With a visitation the body of the deceased is typically not present, and with a visitation, it is.

Both events are casual and a come-and-go style meaning that guests arrive and leave as they wish. There is no set format, but rather a time to mingle and talk with other guests as well as the family. There may be refreshments served such as cookies and punch or other light snacks.

If the body is present, it will be in casket and normally, the top portion will be open so that guests can see their loved one. This provides an opportunity for people to approach the casket and say their good-byes.

With a cremation, families have the option to rent a casket for this service. With this option, the cremation container (the container the body will be cremated in) will be placed inside the casket for the viewing. When it’s time, the cremation container and the body will be removed from the casket and the lining of the casket will then be replaced for reuse.

Because of the cost of the service as well as the expense of the rental casket, the overall cost of the cremation package will be higher. Also, if the body will be present, additional services such as embalming will need to be preformed also increasing the cost.

Funeral Services

For many families, holding a funeral service is important. These services tend to be more religious in nature and follow a predetermined format. The format typically includes:

  • Welcome / Introduction
  • Opening prayer
  • Music Selection / Hymns
  • Reading of the Obituary
  • Eulogy
  • Thank you and Acknowledgements

With a funeral service, the body is displayed in a casket in the front of the room. Because of this, the body will need to be prepared and embalmed. This is the same whether it is for a ground burial or cremation. The only difference is that, for a burial, the body will be taken to the cemetery after the services, and for cremation, it will be taken to the crematory.

cremation service in Michigan City INYou can see that with cremation services in Michigan City, IN., you have several options. You could choose to have a very simple, no frills direct cremation, or add any service beforehand just like with a ground burial. To learn more, call or come by anytime as we are happy to discuss all the options available.  Speak to one of our experts.