Outdoor Memorial Precautions to Take

An outdoor memorial can be a nice touch when you want to honor the memory of a deceased loved one. Sure, you can hold it in a La Porte, IN funeral home. But it can be more meaningful if you and your loved ones are the types of people who love to be outdoors. An outdoor memorial can be all the more fitting if you plan to scatter the ashes. You’ll be able to hold the event in the great outdoors and conclude the event by scattering the ashes.

It makes sense, however, to be prepared in the event that Mother Nature isn’t on your side. Consider these tips so that the memorial service can proceed no matter what the weather’s like.

Consider Using Large Gazebo

One way you can be prepared no matter what Mother Nature dishes out is to set up a large gazebo or canopy. You’ll have to consider how many people you expect to be there, of course, so that you can have enough space beneath the structure to accommodate all the attendees. With a gazebo or canopy, you can get protection from the elements without being totally closed in. It’s certainly something to think about if you want to hold an outdoor memorial and don’t want to have to postpone it due to any unfavorable weather. Stay on top of the weather forecast and be ready in the event of rain that might otherwise dampen the mood and the attendees.

Come Prepared

Was your deceased loved one the sort of person who did whatever they had to do regardless of the obstacles or challenges ahead? If so, you will want to go ahead with the memorial even if Mother Nature does not cooperate by sending favorable weather. In this case, you can just instruct everyone that the memorial will take place whether rain or shine. Check out the weather forecast for the area and, if there’s rain on the horizon, tell people to dress accordingly. That may mean umbrellas, rain jackets, and other things that will come in useful.

Have a Backup Plan

What do you do if you’re intent on holding a memorial but don’t want to do it outdoors if there’s rain? One option is to have a plan “B” that includes reserving a backup indoor location. Is there a church in the area where you can book the fellowship hall or sanctuary for a memorial? Would a private property like your or the home of a family member do? Be sure to have a clear plan “B” worked out, and ensure that everyone who should know does know.

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