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Mausoleum Pros and Cons

For many families, the option of where to place the casket of a loved one can be complex. If traditional burial is not something that you want, then you may want to consider something like a mausoleum. If you are not sure about this or the benefits it can offer, you will want to learn a bit about what mausoleums can offer. Funeral homes in La Porte, IN can tell you all about the pros and cons of mausoleums.

One of the most important benefits that a mausoleum can offer is protection form the weather. For lots of people, the idea of the casket being underground is not a pleasant one. Weather can also make it very difficult for you to visit your loved one’s resting place if it is raining or snowing, so a mausoleum can help.

It is important to consider that mausoleums are more expensive than a burial. Not everyone can afford this option. Some people may prefer to share a mausoleum instead of having a private one, but costs can still add up. Take the time to ask for information about the costs that purchasing such an option will require as well as the maintenance service fees that many cemeteries ask for.

Privacy is a definite benefit of mausoleums. If you want to visit your loved one without prying eyes around you, then you can do so with this option. You can also set up beautiful memorials that are safe from intrusion and that you do not have to worry about anyone stealing. For many people, this benefit alone is worth the cost of the mausoleum.

Another benefit that you can expect from a mausoleum is that It is protected from floods. Cemeteries flood often and this can be a big concern for lots of people who have loved ones buried. There have been unpleasant stories of bodies being disinterred by the water, but a mausoleum places the casket much higher, making this something you do not have to worry about.

One thing that you do need to know is that mausoleums are not available in all cemeteries. This can be a deterrent, especially if you already know which cemetery you want for your loved one. To make certain that this will not be an issue, take the time to ask about this option before making a decision.

These are some crucial pros and cons that you have to keep in mind when deciding if you want a mausoleum for your loved one. If you can afford it, you can expect to get the kind of privacy and protection from the elements that you want for your loved one’s gravesite. You can always learn more about mausoleums, including the process of purchasing one, from a La Porte, IN funeral home. At Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center, we are here to help you decide on the best options for your loved one. Visit us at 2900 Monroe St La Porte, IN 46350 or call us today at (219) 362-2828.