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Locations for Your Loved One’s Ashes

After a loved one’s cremation services in South Bend, IN. deciding on their final resting spot can be challenging. While you may want to keep the remains in an urn close to you in your home, there are times when this may not be the best option.

For example, if you have other family members who wish to visit the remains, if can be inconvenient for you as well as them trying to arrange times and dates that will work. Because of this, having the remains in a general location where everyone has access to them freely can be important to many families. Luckily, there are wonderful options that allow for this.


One place to keep your loved one’s remains is in a columbarium. These are structures that are either stand alone or part of another building and can be found in churches, cremation gardens, as well as cemeteries.

A columbarium is made up of induvial spaces called “niches”. These individual niches is what will house the urn with your loved one’s remains. Some niches include a small plaque or other marker that can be engraved with your loved one’s name as well as a short poem or epitaph.

There are also glass front niches that typically don’t have a marker, but allow the contents of the niche to be viewed. This is nice because it can allow families to add small mementos or photos to be on display with the urn.

Keeping your loved one’s remains in a columbarium has many benefits, one being that it provides a general location any and all family members can visit. It also provides a peaceful spot for reflection as many columbariums are in settings with flowers, sitting areas, water features and more.

Burial Plot

Another option for families is to bury their loved one’s remains. This is the same as a casket burial expect the space is specific for an urn. These burial plots can be found in cemeteries and many cremation gardens.

An advantage to this that many families enjoy is that it gives the opportunity for your loved one to have a headstone or maker rather then just a plaque as with a columbarium. With headstones being available in so many materials, colors, and designs, families can choose a perfect memorial meals for their loved one.

Scattering Garden

If your loved one wished to have their remains scattered, a scattering garden can be a wonderful option. These gardens can be found as part of larger cremation gardens or by themselves. These gardens are created with the sole purpose of allowing families to release their loved one’s ashes upon it. They typically contain the garden areas as well as benches and other areas to sit and reflect.Cremation services in South Bend IN

While some families would like to keep their loved one’s remains close to them in their home, there are some situations where that may not be the best option. If you would like to learn more about these options or cremation services in South Bend, IN. feel free to contact us anytime as we are always here to help that’s why our customer choose us.