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Latest Funeral Trends

Deciding among the many funeral and memorial service options can be difficult, which is why having an idea of the latest trends and options can be important. After the loss of a loved one, it is always wise to read up on the options you have available to be able to make the best choices for your loved one and for your family. To help do this, funeral home and providers of cremation services in La Porte, IN have some of the latest funerary trends you should know about.

Green services have become much more popular these days. More people are concerned about the environment and they want to make certain that their funerary services do not have a negative impact on it. If this is something that you or your loved one wanted, consider options like bio cremation or burial without embalming. These might not seem like huge changes, but they can have a positive impact on the planet.

Another trend that you will want to consider is using social media to plan funerary services. This is something that has really taken off in the past years. People are not using social media to share obituaries and even to create crowdfunding projects that can help with some of the funerary costs. With social media, you can reach more people and you can let everyone know about the loss you have suffered and the services you are planning.

Lots of people are also choosing to personalize funerals and memorials. In the past, it was very common to have services that looked and sounded the same for everyone, but this is not the case anymore. More and more, people are choosing to have less formal services by adding playlists, photo presentations, and even by having the service somewhere other than the standard funeral home or church.

Another trend that has taken off lately is celebrations of life instead of funerals or memorials. A celebration of life can be exactly the right choice for someone who might not have wanted a very formal service. A celebration of life is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of the person’s life instead of a mourning of their death. You can have fun music, games that your love done might have liked, and all manner of other things that honor your loved one’s life. It is something that can really provide the closure you want.

When considering the kind of funeral or memorial service that you want for your loved one, take the time to think about the trends that are changing the way death is honored. You can personalize services, consider green options, and use social media to let people know of the death. You can learn more about the trends in funerary services by contacting a La Porte, IN cremation service provider or funeral home like us at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center. Stop by our location at 2900 Monroe St La Porte, IN 46350 or you can give us a call now at (219) 362-2828.

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