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Journaling Your Way Through Grief

Grieving is a natural process and it’s what we all have to endure when we lose someone close to us. While we may go through it in different stages and in different ways, the goal is to make sure we get through it in a healthy way. One of those ways is through journaling. If you are having a difficult time after you loved one’s cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN., we encourage you to try this activity. If you aren’t sure how, keep reading.

Why Journaling?

Journaling has been proven to help people work through things like depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. There is something very therapeutic about getting your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper.

It is also a nice option for those who may be more hesitant to share thoughts publicly such as talking in a group or with a therapist. Since your journal is for your eyes only, you can feel freer to express yourself and your true feelings.

What You Need

The wonderful thing about journaling is that it doesn’t require anything fancy. All you need is some paper or a notebook and a pen or pencil. You might be tempted to keep a journal on your smartphone or laptop, and if that is the only way you will write, then okay. However, it is suggested that you physically write your thoughts out instead.

When you use your hand and actually write out your thoughts you connect with them in a different way. If you would like to see how this works, try it yourself by writing in a paper journal one day, and on a laptop the next. We bet you can feel a difference.

What To Write

When you start to journal, you my just look at the blank page and have no idea what to write. This is okay and normal. The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to do this. If you need some inspiration, you could start with writing about:

  • A favorite memory you have with your loved one
  • Things you would like to say to them
  • Something that you makes you smile when you think of them

If you are still stuck on what to write, don’t write at all. Draw, doodle, make a bulleted list. There are no rules on how to get your thoughts out. Just let go and allow yourself the freedom to express them however you wish.

Helpful Tips

When you are writing, let go of judgement. Don’t’ stop yourself from writing or drawing something because of what you think about it or what someone else might think about it. This journal is just for you so let go of any judgement and let yourself be free to express whatever you are feeling.

cremation service in Rolling Prairie INTry and write often. If you can find some time each day to write, that is ideal. You may find that if you do it at the same time each day, it is easier to keep up with and it becomes a habit.

Grieving after a loved one’s cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN., is difficult. While journaling can’t make the feelings of loss and sadness disappear, it can help you manage these feelings in a heathy way or through grief support. Reach out to us now.