How to Write a Tribute For a Loved One’s Funeral

Death and subsequent services at South Bend, IN, funeral homes make one think about what really matters in life. When a loved one passes, a tribute is one of the ways to tap into the depth of your affection for them.

This speech helps others understand who the deceased was and how they impacted your life. Here are some tips on how to write a touching tribute for a loved one’s funeral services.

Show the person’s influence in your life

What was it about this person that made them special to you? It could be their sense of humor, love for family and friends, or even how they cared for others. Whatever it was, use those qualities to describe how they affected you.

For example, if they were generous with their time and money, explain how that positively impacted your life.

Touch on the good times spent together

When writing a tribute to someone, talk about the good times spent together. This includes anything from when you first met them to significant events throughout your life together. However, don’t focus solely on the good times without mentioning some challenges.

These things give insight into who they truly were and why they mattered so much. For example, suppose they were caring and loving towards everyone around them but had a difficult time being open with their feelings.

Including both sides of their personality allows people to see the whole picture, making your tribute even more authentic.

Share what you will miss about this person

What are some of the things you will miss about this person? This is a great way to express your feelings and help others who may be struggling with their own. Let people know what you will miss most about their presence in your life and how it made you feel.

Include a memory or story that exemplifies who they were

Including a personal story can help people see what the person was like on a more individual level. For example, if someone was always there for you when times got tough, this could be a vital memory to include for others to remember them by as well.

Be succinct

While it is essential to include important details, you should also try to keep the tribute concise. This allows others to read through and get the most out of it without feeling overwhelmed by the information.

Make the tone conversational

When writing a tribute, you want to keep the tone conversational. This allows the reader to feel as though they are having a real conversation with you and can help them better relate to how you feel.

End on a positive but personal note

funeral homes in South Bend INEnding on a positive note drives home the point of your tribute. This can be along the lines of what they did for others. However, it is also important to end on a personal note. This allows people to understand what you will miss most about them and how their passing will impact you.

It is important to remember that everyone grieves differently and that these tips may not work for everyone. However, following these tips can help create a tribute that is both heartfelt and meaningful to those who read it.

You may rely on the director at our funeral home in South Bend, IN, for further insight into creating a meaningful tribute. Visit or call our staff today.