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How to Write a Eulogy

When attending services from funeral homes in South Bend, IN., you may be asked to deliver a eulogy for the deceased. If you have never had to do this before, or if you are not comfortable with speaking publicly, you may feel anxious or unsure of what to say.

How long should you speak for?. What is appropriate? Should it be funny, or serious and solemn? While every eulogy is as unique as the person it is given for, when you follow a few basic rules and outlines, it will be much easier to present your eulogy with confidence.

What is Eulogy?

A eulogy is simply a speech that is given by a friend or family member talking about, and celebrating the life of, the deceased. It is normally given at either the memorial or funeral service.

How Long is a Eulogy?

Eulogies typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on how much you would like to say. That may not sound like a long time, but once you start writing, you will find it is most likely plenty of time.

What Should I Say?

What you should say depends on the person. This is a celebration of their life and who they were as a person. If they had certain hobbies or passions, talk about those. Perhaps they made a lasting impression on you because of their kindness or quick wit; share that.

To help you organize your thoughts, here is a simple outline to follow:

Introduction Here you will start the eulogy and set the tone. You could do this by reading a poem, a passage from a book, or scripture. You could also begin with a special memory or story of the deceased. You can then continue the introduction by sharing your relationship with the deceased.

Middle The middle section is where you dive deeper into who they were, what they loved, and what made them special. You can share things like their life accomplishments, travel adventures, childhood, how they affected other people, or hobbies. This section is the longest so you have plenty of time to share what you’d like.

End Section This is the shortest section and typically includes a quote, poem, or a takeaway of how you would like your loved one to be remembered. You can also thank the guests for attending the services.

Ask for Help

It is okay to ask for help with writing the eulogy. Reaching out to a friend or family member can be a great resource to help make this process easier. Also, you can search online for eulogy templates and examples. Having a reference such as this can be truly helpful.

If you are attending services from funeral homes in South Bend, IN., and delivering a eulogy,funeral home in South Bend, IN just take a deep breath. While you may be nervous, if you follow an outline or template, and speak from your heart, you will do great.

If you need more ideas, help, or resources, contact Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center and let their professional and caring staff answer any questions you may have.