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How to Help a Grieving Friend

If you have a friend who has had to make arrangements at a funeral home in Michigan City, IN., for their loved one, you know they are going through an extremely difficult time. As a friend, you want to comfort them but you may not know how. This can be especially true if you have never had to help a grieving friend before. You may wonder what is appropriate, what should you say or do, or how you can best help.

First, understand that by just being there for your friend is support enough. Many times people who are grieving just need a shoulder to cry on and an ear that will listen to them. Don’t get so hung up on trying to do the exact right thing. Just be there for your friend, listen to them and see what they need.

Offer to Help with Chores

While your friend is going through this grieving process, they may not feel motivated or have the mentally energy to do everyday things such as laundry, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, etc. This is a great time for you to step in and help.

Offer to come over and clean, and when you do, take it one step further by making the space full of good energy. Open the curtains so that the natural sunlight can come in, and light some pretty scented candles. If the weather is nice, open the windows to allow fresh air to flow though.

Cleaning and making their house nice not only makes sure the chores are getting completed, but it will also help their mental state. Being in a space that is fresh and clean lifts the spirit more than spending time in a dingy, cluttered, messy area.

Cook Them Dinner

Just as with house chores, your friend may not have the desire to cook dinner for themselves. This is another place you can step in. If you like to cook, make them a few meals for the week and place them in dishes or bags that can be frozen and quickly reheated in the microwave.

If you are not a great cook, or you live far away, you could call a delivery service and have meals sent to them.

Other Ways to Offer Help

If you friend has children, it might be nice to offer to help with them. You could offer to take them or pick them up from school, or, if they aren’t in school, offer to take them with you for a little bit so that your friend can get some other things done.

You could also to do things like help with yard care, mow the yard, water the grass or house plants. Maybe wash the car or make sure the trash gets taken out on trash day.

Final Thoughts

While your friend is going through the grieving process, the best way to show your support andfuneral homes in Michigan City, IN love is simply by being there for them. Don’t worry about what to say, or exactly what you should do. Simply listen and take your cues from them. You are a good friend, and you will know what they need.

If you have any more questions on how to help a grieving friend or would like additional resources your friend can utilize, call the compassionate staff at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center as they are always here to help.