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How to Drive in a Funeral Procession

Once services with funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, IN, have been planned, if you are a close friend or family member who is going to be driving in the funeral procession alone, you may be nervous. This is normal since most people have not driven in this situation before.

You have probably passed a funeral procession on the road before and know the rules state to yield to them and give them the right of way, but being in the procession has a few rules you may not know.

Here are some key points you should know when driving in a procession.

Before the Procession Begins

First, make sure to arrive to the funeral service early. Doing so will allow your car to be near the car of the immediate family. As other guests show up, their cars will be placed in line according to the order they arrived. If they are not going to be in the procession, their cars will be parked in a different area.

Order of Procession

There is an order in which the cars line up in a procession. The first car is the lead car and will be the one that signifies to other drivers on the road that the line behind is a funeral procession. This is normally done by the hazard lights being turned on so they are flashing, or flags or other markers being attached to the vehicle.

After the lead car, the hearse is next. The limousines transporting the immediate family follows. After that, it is the cars of family and close friends.

The last car will signify the end of the procession so that the other drivers on the road are aware it has ended. As with the lead car, this car normally has its hazards on or other markers or flags.

Driving in the Procession

If you have nerve driven in a funeral procession before, you might not be exactly sure what the rules are. A few key things to know are:

  • The procession will be moving slowly. You will most likely be going well under any speed limit so be prepared to take things slow
  • Make sure to always stay in line with the procession at all times. It may seem weird to run a red light, but if you are in a procession and the light turns red before you come to it, continue through the intersection. Laws give funeral processions the right of way. Also, you will notice most drivers respecting these laws and yielding and pulling over for the procession
  • You will follow in the procession until you reach the cemetery and the lead car stops

funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, INDriving in a procession doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Just remember to drive slowly, follow the other cars, and stay in line.

If you have more questions on driving in a funeral procession, reach out to funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, IN. When you contact Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center, you can talk with a funeral director one-on-one about any questions you may have.