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Funeral Service or Celebration of Life: What is the Difference?

If you are talking to La Porte, IN funeral home and cremations., about services for your loved one, you will have several options. Two of those options include holding a traditional funeral, or a celebration of life service. While you may be not be familiar with all of the aspects of both, we are going to break them down so that you can decide which is right for you and your family.

First we are going to talk about how they are similar, and then we will dive into each one deeper to discuss what sets them apart.

Funeral and Celebration of Life Similarities

Both funeral and celebration of life services are ways of honoring the deceased and coming together with friends and family. They also both serve as a way to publicly acknowledge the passing of the deceased and help move this person from one social status to another.

Elements of a Funeral

While these services are both similar, they have some very big differences. The most noticeable one is the format of the services. With a funeral, you typically have:

  • The Visitation– This is held typically at the funeral home the day before (or sometimes the day of) the actual services. During this time friends and family gather and pay their respects to the deceased as they step up to the casket and say their good-byes.
  • The Funeral Service– This takes place normally in a church or the funeral home. During this time you may find hymns being sung, bible verses being read, and eulogies given.
  • The Funeral Procession – This takes place directly after the funeral and is the act of taking the casket to its final resting space. This is done by the hearse transporting the casket while the family and the rest of the guests follow behind in their cars. Once everyone arrives, there will be another short service and the casket will be lowered into the ground.

You can see that a funeral is a more solemn, traditional event that has a very particular order and process.

Celebration of Life Service

To the contrary, celebration of life services have much more flexibility and are closer in relation to a memorial service. While they can still follow an order, there is much more freedom in deciding what you want that order to be.

Another big difference here is that these services are normally held after the loved one’s remains have been cared for either through burial or cremation services. This gives the family more time in planning the events as well as helps out of town guests have more travel time to ensure they can attend.

Also, while the funeral is more religious and solemn, a celebration of life service is more about the deceased and celebrating their accomplishments, passions, and uniqueness. It’s a way to let their personality shine by playing their favorite songs at the service or having the guests wear the deceased’s favorite color or even colors of their favorite sports team.

Final Thoughts

While both funerals and celebration of life services honor the deceased in respectful ways, they both do so differently. If your loved one was more traditional and religious then a funeral service would be the best option. However, if your loved one was a little unconventional andfuneral home in Rolling Prairie, IN less traditional, a celebration of life service may be the perfect choice.

When you are talking to funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, IN., you can inquire about both options to further help you decide. The experienced staff at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center is always available to help answer any questions you may have about either of these options.