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Four Ways to Honor Your Loved One After Cremation

When discussing arrangements with cremation services in Michigan City, IN, regarding your loved one’s passing, you will be asked what you would like to do with their remains. While there are many options such as scattering the ashes in a special location, placing the ashes in an urn to keep at your home, or even burying the ashes in a burial plot, what you decide is an entirely personal choice.

No matter where the final resting place may be, you can always keep your loved one close to you by honoring their memory. Taking part in an activity in remembrance of the deceased can help you feel connected with your loved one and help in the grieving process.

Here are four affectionate ways to cherish and celebrate your loved one.

Support a Charity or Cause They Loved

Did your loved one have a charity or cause they were involved with? If so, continue their legacy and get involved. You could volunteer your time or donate money or services.

Maybe they didn’t have a specific cause but instead a hobby or past time they loved. If your loved one was passionate about books and could always be found reading, you could gather up old books from friends and family and donate them to a school or library. If they loved dogs and cats, you could head to your local animal shelter and see how you could be of help.

Save Them a “Seat”

When your family gatherers together for the holidays or other special occasions, save your loved one a “seat”. Having this special place designated just for them is a nice tribute to their memory. Along the same lines, you could hang their stocking up at Christmas or save them a party hat at a birthday celebration.

Start a New Tradition

Another way to honor and celebrate your loved one is to start a new tradition. For example, if your loved one always enjoyed picking fresh flowers, you could start a tradition that each year, on the official first day of spring, you grab a basket, drive to a pretty field, and pick flowers

Maybe they delighted in watching old movies. You could invite friends and family over on a certain day for “movie night” where only old movies were played.

Finish Something They Started

Completing a project for your loved one is a great way to connect with them and share in their passions. Finding a task, project, role, or responsibility they held and taking it on helps you feel their sense of purpose. Connecting with something they loved like this is truly special.

cremation service in Michigan City INNo matter how you choose to honor your loved one, they will always be close to you in your heart. Discussing cremation services in Michigan City, IN, for your loved one who has passed is never easy, Let the caring staff at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center help you in this difficult time. Their compassionate staff is here to discuss options, answer questions and address any concerns you may have.