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Dos and Do Nots of Speaking with a Child About Death

If your family has suffered a loss and you have children, you want to let them know the truth about what has happened. That is not an easy conversation to have and many people can balk at having to undertake it. If that is something that worries you, there are some dos and do nots that directors of funeral homes in Michigan City, IN want you to know.

Do use simple language that your child will understand and will not be confused by. It can be tempting to try and soften the blow of death by using language that is not direct, but this can be a mistake. You do not want your child to be confused and that can happen if you use euphemisms. Instead, use clear and honest language that can leave no doubt about what happened.

Do not forget to allow your child to ask questions. They are bound to have a number of them and you want to make certain that they feel comfortable enough to ask them. Encourage them to do so. You want to be honest with the answer you give your child, too. If you do not know the answer to a question, let them know that that is the case and ensure them that you will do your best to find out what the answer is.

Do include them in the funerary services if they want to attend. This can be confusing sometimes to parents, leaving them unsure if they should encourage the child to attend or not. It is important to let your child choose for themselves if they want to attend. Never force them to do so, since that can cause more harm than good.

Do let them know that you are grieving, too. You want to be sure that they know that they are not alone with what they are feeling. By telling them that you are dealing with the loss, too, and that you are sad about what has happened, you will be encouraging your child to express themselves, too.

These dos and do nots are crucial if you want to make certain that you can let your child know about the death of a loved one in a correct manner. You want to be honest with them and let them ask all of the questions that they may have. You also want to encourage them to attend the services if they want to do so. Take the time to let your child also know that you are going through grief, as well. If you still have questions about this and want to learn more, you can reach out to a Michigan City, IN funeral home like us at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about letting your child know of death in the family. Give us a call right now or stop by our location today.