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Care-Givers and Loss

Being a care-giver can be one of the most selfless things to be, but it can make the death of the person for whom you were caring especially difficult. Care-givers tend to be people who help others but do not know how to necessarily help themselves through the grief of a death. If you have just lost the person you provided care for, you need to know how to help yourself. Funeral home directors, who have seen this kind of struggle often, have a few suggestions that can make a difference.   

It is vital that you take time to accept the loss. Many care-givers make themselves so busy dealing with funerary arrangements and with consoling other people after the death, that they do not allow themselves time to process the loss. After the person dies, take at least a few hours to acknowledge the death and what it means for you. This will help you get closure in a way that pushing the acknowledgement aside cannot.   

Allow yourself to ask for help. Care-givers are so used to providing help that they sometimes do not know how to request it. If you are finding it difficult to get through the day because of grief, reach out to somebody. Share what you are feeling and let them comfort you. This may not seem like a big thing to do, but it can actually be cathartic to allow someone to help you.   

It is common to feel relief after the death of the person you cared for. Care-givers tend to feel guilty about feeling relief, but it is completely natural. It is likely that the person who died was ill for a long time, possibly in pain, so it is a completely natural response to feel like a weight has been lifted. Instead of feeling guilty for this, allow yourself to experience the relief.   

Take care of yourself. It may be tempting to go without food or much rest as you worry about helping other people through grief, but you cannot help anyone if you get ill. Take the time to eat nutritious meals, to drink plenty of water, and to get a good amount of rest. This will help you stay strong and deal with the grief in a manner that does not affect your health.   

Being a care-giver does not mean having to be strong all the time. After a death, you need to allow yourself to grieve and to ask for help if you need it. If you find yourself struggling a lot and not being able to go through your everyday life, it is always a good idea to consider a grief counselor. You can find excellent ones by contacting the funeral home in Walkerton, IN that provides the arrangements for your loved one. They always have information on local counselors. Reach out to a funeral home like Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center, located at 2900 Monroe St La Porte, IN 46350. Speak with the director for more information by calling (219) 362-2828.