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8 Gift Ideas for Guests at Memorial Service

After your cremation services in South Bend, IN., you may be planning a memorial service to honor your loved one. These services are a wonderful way to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. When planning a memorial service, you may think of adding music, decorating the space with flowers, and having people speak and share stories and memories of your loved one. One element that you may not think about is giving a small gift to the guests.

These gifts are a nice touch that allows the guests to have a physical item to keep in remembrance of the deceased. These gifts do not have to be anything large or expensive; even a little token or card ca be a thoughtful item that the guests would appreciate.

If you aren’t sure what you would like to give, here is a list of ideas to get you inspired.

Seed packets– Seed packets are a beautiful gift to give to your guests. These seeds could be for flowers, plants, or even fruit or vegetables.

Memorial Bookmarks – Memorial bookmarks are a great inexpensive option. There are many online places to deign them and have them printed, or you can print and laminate them yourself to save costs.

Wristbands – Everybody loves wristbands. There are several companies online that offer them with a personalized word or message. You could have your loved one’s name printed on them or a favorite saying or quote of theirs.

Personalized Memory Fortune Cookies– Looking for something a little different and unique? Giving out personalized fortune cookies is definitely the way to go. These companies are found mostly online and can put just about any message inside the cookie.

Keychains– Keychains are a great gift because many people use them on backpacks, purses, luggage, etc and not just keyrings. Also, keychains come in a variety of materials so there is a deign for every budget.

Shot Glasses– While maybe not appropriate for everyone, shot glasses are definitely a unique gift to hand out. These can also come in many styles and materials so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding the right one for your budget.

Favorite Recipe – Did you loved one adore cooking or baking? Maybe they just had a favorite dish they always wanted you to make. Why not share this with your guests? Printing a favorite recipe on a pretty card is a lovely gift for guests to enjoy.

Custom Magnets – Do you have a favorite photo of your loved one? Maybe it’s a quote or poem they loved. Having it printed on a custom magnet is very easy to do online and makes a practical and fun gift for your guests.

Whatever you decide, your guests will appreciate the thought. They will also appreciate the chance to have something physical to hold on to in remembrance of your loved one.cremation service in South Bend, IN

Holding a memorial service for you loved one after cremation services in South Bend, IN., is a beautiful way to honor their life.. If you need help with cremation services or have questions about memorial services, reach out to the caring staff at Cutler Funeral Home and Cremation Center. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff is always here to help you in this difficult time.