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5 Things to Know When Selecting a Headstone

If you are talking to funeral homes in South Bend, IN., and having to purchase a headstone soon, you may be feel overwhelmed. This is a big purchase and the thought of it can be dauting. Not only are you dealing with feelings of grief and loss, but this is not something you have most likely had to purchase before. Additionally, you not only have to select the material, color, design, etc., of the marker, but there may be cemetery restrictions and regulations you need to take into consideration.

To help make the process a little easier, we have put a list together of five things that many times people overlook or forget to ask.

1. Obtain Copy of Rules and Regulation

Before you even start shopping for the headstone, check with the cemetery to get a clear understanding of what is (and what isn’t) allowed in the cemetery. Some cemeteries have restrictions on size and color of headstones, others may restrict certain materials the marker can be constructed from.

When you bought the grave site, you were probably given a written copy of the rules and regulation. If not, or if you cannot locate it, ask for another copy. By law, the cemetery is required to provide you with one once asked.

2. Documents You Will Need

When purchasing the headstone, there are certain documents you will most typically need. Having these papers all together and ready to go can help streamline the overall process for you. The documents you will need can include:

  • Photo Release Forms
  • Setting forms
  • Concrete border release forms
  • Marker authorization form

3. Does the Headstone Come with a Warranty?

A headstone is a big purchase, and any reputable provider will offer a warranty on their work. Many times these warranties will cover manufactures defects, workmanship, or other issues. Make sure you fully understand the warranty as well as get it in writing. Also, keep this warranty in a safe place with your other funeral paperwork so it is handy in case any future issues arise.

4. Is There a Setting Fee?

Other than the price of the headstone, there may be a setting fee. These can also be called a placement fee and cover things such as the placement of the marker, maintenance of the grounds, the marker’s foundation, and perpetual care. This cost can vary significantly from one cemetery to another (even within the same county or city) so check and make sure you know if there is a setting fee and exactly how much it will be.

5. How Long Will Production Take?

If you are needing the marker completed by a certain date, check with the provider to ensuefuneral home in South Bend IN that is possible. Typically, a marker can be completed within  about 3-4 weeks. Of course, this timeframe will depend on many factors including the design, type, and any extra customization that might need to be done. Things that can make this timeline longer are design changes, or if the marker is large or an upright marker. In this case, it can take as long as three months.

When making prearrangements with funeral homes in South Bend, IN., you will have a lot on your plate. Although the purchasing of the headstone can seem overwhelming, we hope these tips help make the process a little easier. Visit us now.