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Cremation service in Rolling Prairie IN

Honor Your Loved One by Helping Others

There are many ways to honor your loved one after their cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN. One of the best ways is when honoring your loved one can also help someone else. Spreading love and joy in your loved one’s name can fill you with a sense of comfort and, while it won’t take away all the pain you are experiencing, it can help balance it out just a tad. Keep reading to learn how to honor your loved one by helping others.

Donate Old Items

When you are ready to go through your loved one’s old items, don’t just get rid of them. Look for things that may be of use to certain organizations or charities and donate them. Some examples include:

  • Donating women’s clothes to a shelter for abused women (these women often leave their homes in a hurry and without many clothing items)
  • Taking any stuffed animal toys to police stations (they use these to give to children they have in their custody when family disturbances break out)
  • You could take pillows, sheets, towels, and blankets to the local animal shelter as they often uses these for the dogs
  • Most all items can be donated to charities like Caritas or Goodwill which helps people in the community
  • You can take food and donate to a local food pantry

Donate Your Time

If your loved one had a charity they supported, offer to volunteer. What better way to honor your loved one and help others than to give yourself and your time to their favorite charity? You could volunteer just one time or make it a reoccurring activity that you do weekly or monthly.

Donate Money

Another way you could honor your loved one is by donating money to a good cause in their name. You could donate your own money, or have a garage or estate sale and use the earnings from that event to donate.

Start a Charity

If you want to help a lot of people over the course of time, starting a charity might be for you. Many wonderful charities were started as a tribute for a lost loved one. You could start a charity for a cause that your loved one was passionate about, or maybe something that effected them when they were alive.

Send Sympathy Thank You Cards

While sending cards may not seem like it’s helping people, when you let someone know you are thinking of them, it makes them feel special and loved and that is always helpful. Sending out sympathy thank you cards is one way to do this. Sympathy thank you cards are simply cards you send out to those who were there for you in this difficult time. You could choose to sendCremation services in Rolling Prairie IN them to everyone who attended the funeral, or just those who sent flowers.

Honoring your loved one when death occurs after their cremation services in Rolling Prairie, IN. is such a wonderful way to pay tribute and cherish their memory. When this act can also help another person, it is that much more special. Contact us now.