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Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing a Casket

With all the decisions you have to make when planning arrangements for your loved one with funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, IN. choosing a casket can feel overwhelming. You are going through a difficult time and with all the styles and options, it can just feel a little too much sometimes. Because of this, many people often make mistakes that they regret later. We are going to explore the top mistakes made so that you can avoid making the same ones.

1. Not Setting a Budget

The biggest mistake most people make is not setting a firm budget before they begin shopping for the casket. When you are shopping, you are going to want to give your loved one the “best of the best”. This is a natural urge, and with so many fancy options and embellishments, the cost can climb very high very quickly. Taking a little time beforehand to know what you want to spend and what your limit is can save you from feeling regret later down the road.

2. Not Asking Enough Questions

Selecting a casket for a loved one is not a fun process, and many people want to get though it as quickly as possible. Because of this they may make a choice quickly without really knowing all the options or pros and cons about their selection.

Make sure to ask questions and really understand what you are buying. For example, with caskets coming in several different materials, make sure you know how those materials compare with one another. Is the one you selected going to stand up for the number of years you want it to? Should you go with something more durable?

The same goes with the size of the casket. Many people think they only come in one size, but the truth is they come in several sizes. The sizes can accommodate average sized adults, extra tall or heavier adults as well as smaller sizes for children and infants.

3. Not Considering Your Loved One’s Style

Often times families may want to get the most elaborate casket available. That is fine, but what if their loved one was a more simple, minimal type of person? Keeping your loved one’s tastes and style in mind while shopping for their casket is very important. While it is true that you are purchasing the item, it is for their final resting place so make sure it is something they would like.

4. Going It Alone

The last big mistake we see if people trying to make this decision alone. This is a tough time andfuneral home in Rolling Prairie IN even tougher when trying to do it alone. When you start shopping, ask a family member or close friend to accompany you. They can not only provide you comfort and support, but they can also offer a second opinion and help keep you on budget. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

If you need further help with choosing a casket for services from funeral homes in Rolling Prairie, IN., let us know as we are always here to help. You can check our merchandise.

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How to Create a Memorial Service Program

If you are planning a memorial event after a loved one’s cremation services in Michigan City, IN., there are some things you will need, one of which is a memorial program. While creating a program is not difficult, there are certain things that need to be included as well as a typical format they then to follow. To help ensure you print a great program, we are going to outline the format as well as share some tips and tricks to make the process easy as well as grief support.

Program Size

Although some memorial programs may be just one page and be single or double-sided, most consist of two to four pages. When it has multiple pages, the dimensions are typically 5 ½ X 8 ½ inches. This can be created by taking a normal sheet of copy paper that is 8 ½ X 11, turning it to landscape to print and then folding it in half.

Outline of Program

While you can certainly design the program in anyway you wish, there is a typical order and flow that most follow. This consists of:

Front Cover- This is where you will display a photograph of the deceased. This could be one strong image or a collage of several images. It could even be an image of something else entirely such as a sunset or ocean scene. You will also want to include their full name, date of birth and death, and date and location of service.

Inside Left Page– On this page, you will list the order and details of the service. This will look something like

  • Welcome and Introduction: (Name of who is giving the remarks)
  • Eulogy (Name of person scheduled to give the eulogy)
  • And so on

Inside Right Page– This page will consist of the obituary. This can be the official obituary that was previously published, or a new one can be written.

Back Cover– On the back cover you typically find a meaningful poem or passage, list of pallbearers, as well as any special mentions they family would like to add. These may include things like, “The family wishes to say a very special thank you to all the nurses at General hospital”.

Design Tips

You want the program to have the right format and information, but you also want it to look good. When designing the program, keeping things in mind like color combinations and font choices can go a long way in making sure your program comes across tasteful and elegant.

For example, using a font that looks messy or cartoonish can really be off-putting. Also, using colors that clash or having words on a dark background can make things difficult to read. While you can add some creativity to the program, just make sure to do so in a way that it doesn’t distract from its purpose.

Another word of advice is to always get a second opinion. It’s always nice to have a second pair of eyes to double check things like making sure names are spelled correctly or the elements of the service are listed in the correct order.

When you are making your program for the service following a loved one’s cremation services in Michigan City, IN., follow these steps and you will have a program the guests will love see our caregiver award.


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Why Hold a Viewing?

When discussing arrangements with funeral homes in Michigan City, IN., you may be asked if you would like to hold a viewing of your loved one before the funeral service. These services are also called visitations and are very commonly held with traditional funerals. While having such an event can provide many benefits for friends and family of the deceased, you still may be unsure if you should have one. To help you decide, let’s look at what this event consists of as well as some of the benefits.

What is a Viewing?

First, let’s talk about what a viewing is and how it compares with a visitation. There are some similarities between both of these services. For example, both events take place before the funeral service, and are shorter, more casual, come-and-go style events. The main difference is that with a viewing, the body of the deceased is preset and with a visitation, it is not.

With a viewing, the body of the deceased will be presented in a casket that has an open top. Guests who attend will come in and offer their condolences to the family. The guests will also have an opportunity to approach the body, if they wish, and say their last goodbyes.

There might be punch and cookies or other light refreshments served. Guests tend to stay for a shorter time and the dress is typically more casual than that of the actual funeral service and burial.

How Viewings Help Us Heal

Holding a viewing can provide many benefits for the living that are left mourning the loss of the deceased. It helps friends and family confront this new reality and begin the healing process. It does this in a few ways including:

  • Allows for Closure– Many people have a difficult time really accepting that someone is gone. This is especially true if the passing was sudden. Being able to see the body of the deceased can help face this fact and allow people to start to feel closure.
  • Social Support- Being surrounded by friends and family at this difficult time is so important as people grieve. Having others that to connect and share these emotions with can go a long way in helping combat feelings of isolation and depression.
  • Opportunity to say Last Goodbyes– While not everyone will feel comfortable approaching the body, those who do can find it very therapeutic. Being able to physically see the loved one and whisper last goodbyes or any other final messages to them can aid in feelings of comfort.

Things to Considerfuneral home in Michigan City IN

Having a viewing is an entirely personal decision. When deciding if you would like to have one, take into consideration you loved one’s wishes. Did they make it know that they did, or did not, want one?

Also, there may be times when a viewing is not the best option such as if the deceased was in an accident or suffered other trauma where an open casket would not be appropriate. If you are unsure whether you should have a viewing, directors at funeral homes in Michigan City, IN., can help you decide and give you all of your options and privacy policy when death occurs.

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Is Direct Cremation a Good Choice?

When planning cremation services in South Bend, IN., direct cremation will be one of the options you can choose. While this option can be a great choice for many families, if you are not familiar with it, you may not be sure if it’s right for your family. Let’s look at this option a little more and see if it may be right for you and your loved one.

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation, also called simple cremation, is the basic form of cremation and typically the most economical. The process is simple and speedy and follows this format:

  • The body is collected by the cremation provider
  • They will keep your loved one in an area that is climate controlled
  • All paperwork and permits are filled out and filed
  • The cremation will then take place
  • The remains will be retuned to the family in an urn that is typically plastic or cardboard

Why Choose Direct Cremation?

Many families choose direct cremation for several different reasons. A few of the advantages of direct cremation they may be drawn to include:

  • More Economical– With direct cremation being simple and straightforward, there are less expenses than there would be with other options of cremation packages or funeral burials. This makes it a wonderful option for those on a fixed budget or who would rather spend more of the budget on a memorial service.
  • Simple and Fast – Many families like the simplicity of the direct cremation process. The family may already be feeling overwhelmed with everything else they must take care of. Having an easy and simple process helps ease some of that stress. Also, since this process is simple it tends to be move more quickly than some other options.
  • Provides More Flexibility– If a family would like more time to plan a memorial, celebration of life, or any other type of service, direct cremation allows more time to do so. Since the service can be planned for further out, it allows more time and flexibility to plan the perfect service.
  • Can Start the Healing Process– Some families wish to have the cremation finalized quickly because it will help them find closure faster. With direct cremation typically being the speediest option, this is a good choice for them.

Things to Consider

If you are considering cremation services for your loved one, whether it’s direct cremation orcremation service in South Bend IN another option, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, did your loved one have any last wishes that were for or against cremation? Did they state what they would like to happen to their body after their death?

Also, it’s important to take into account the religious beliefs of your loved one. Many religions have very clear opinions and thoughts on cremation. If you are unsure if cremation is allowed or not, check with any appropriate religious leaders.

Final Thoughts

When you are deciding on cremation services in South Bend, IN. for your loved one, direct cremation may be a good option. Knowing what this option entails, the advantages it can provide and talking it over with other family members can help you decide if it is the right choice. Call us now and see why many people choose us.